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Our Zoom Meetings

5 PM Every Day: Open 12-Step Meetings

Live from the Mesquite Room, every night at 5 PM Arizona Time
Standard Time: 7 Eastern, 6 Central, 5 Mountain, 5 Arizona, 4 Pacific
Daylight Saving Time: 8 Eastern, 7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Arizona, 5 Pacific

Sundays: Al-Anon/CoDA/Family Issues

Mondays: AA Big Book Study

Tuesdays: Literature/Open Discussion

Wednesdays: AA 12 & 12 Step Study

Thursdays: Literature/Open Discussion

Fridays: For the Newcomer

Saturdays: Speaker Meeting (Various Fellowships)


6:15 PM Wednesdays: Eating Disorders Anonymous

Standard Time: 8:15 Eastern, 7:15 Central, 6:15 Mountain, 6:15 Arizona, 5:15 Pacific

Daylight Saving Time: 9:15 Eastern, 8:15 Central, 7:15 Mountain, 6:15 Arizona, 6:15 Pacific

All of our meetings are open to all fellowships and anyone who is interested in learning more about 12-Step Recovery

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