The 5 PM Meeting
Canyon Ranch Tucson Clubhouse
Not sure if 12-Step is what you're looking for?


Here are some indications of addictive behaviors that 12-Step can help with.


Signs of Alcoholism: binge drinking, patterns of hangovers, blackouts, loss of control in determining how much to drink; obsessions and compulsions regarding alcohol, people expressing concern, sneak drinking, drinking to self-medicate, especially to cover up pain or other feelings.

Signs of qualifying for Al-Anon: having a concern or problem with alcohol use in a family member, friend or colleague, a loss of self-worth, feelings of anger, fear, resentments, guilt, shame, deterioration of relationships especially in the areas of trust, communications, intimacy, and love.

Signs for qualifying for other 12 Step Programs: a lowering of personal standards, chaos in life management, strained family relationships, lack of reliability, blaming others, not taking good care of ourselves, increasing regrets about our behavior patterns, and resisting changing our lives for the better.

The 5 PM Meeting is a daily 12-Step Recovery meeting that recognizes any and all fellowships, embracing individuals in recovery from all addictions/additive processes. It is open to all Canyon Ranch® guests who are in recovery, have friends or family in recovery, or are simply curious about the program. 


The meeting is held on-site at both the Tucson and Lenox Canyon Ranch® locations. The rooms are comfortable and welcoming and the meetings are moderated by members of the local 12-step community. Both spaces are private and secure, without any visibility from the outside in order to honor the discretion and confidentiality of all attending. 


Every Saturday night, the meeting hosts a speaker who shares their personal recovery story. Speakers come from all different fellowships and often also present featured recovery talks at Canyon Ranch® as part of an ongoing 12-Step line-up of monthly recovery lectures. In addition to attending the 5 PM Meeting every day, these professionals give presentations and workshops, sharing their personal recovery stories and different areas of expertise. 


Canyon Ranch® is not a treatment center nor do they provide any drug and alcohol detox services. The 5 PM Meeting is nonclinical and is not connected or affiliated with any other recovery organizations or institutions.


Please contact us or visit our FAQ for more details!

About Us

A fun fact about the history of the program

The program was originally founded in 2009 by Canyon Ranch® homeowner Tim Collins and his loving, generous and incredibly talented service dog, Finnie Finsta. 

Finnie was an attendee of countless 12-Step meetings at both Canyon Ranch® properties and brought warmth and companionship to hundreds of recovering individuals over the years. His charm and rapport among the guests was an invaluable entry point for people of all walks of life to connect, share, and discover new things about themselves.

Finnie passed away in Jan. 2016 and will be remembered always as a mascot of the program, for his commitment to recovery, and for his undeniable love of carrots!