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The "5 O'Clock Somewhere Meeting" is a weekly remote 12-step conference call for Canyon Ranch guests who would like to stay connected and supported even after they leave or travel. Taking place every Monday @ 1 PM Pacific, the meeting offers the opportunity to participate in reflection readings, share personal recovery stories, and  is open to all fellowships and as always, maintains all anonymity. The meeting averages a regular attendance of between 10-18 folks from all over the world. 

In light of Covid 19, we have recently added an additional remote meeting on Wednesday afternoons at 1 PM Pacific. We understand that social distancing can be trying to our recovery routines; below is a resource of remote conference meetings. We hope you'll join us!
5 PM Meeting
Every night at 5 PM PST
Our original Canyon Ranch meeting
Conference Call Dial-In: 515-604-9763, 335867
"It's 5'oClock Somewhere" 
Monday & Wednesdays at 1PM PST
Conference Call Dial-In: 515-604-9763, 335867

Women’s Meeting

Daily at 9AM PST

ZOOM application needs to be downloaded

ZOOM meeting code is 718349933


Men’s Meeting

Daily at 8:30AM and Noon EST

ZOOM application needs to be downloaded

ZOOM meeting code is 8678193070

Online Meeting Directory

A database of online meetings


Tucson, AZ Zoom Meetings

A spread sheet of Tucson 12-Step meetings that are now offered via Zoom


Closed A.A. Big Book Study

Monday at 8pm EST


Meeting ID: 7674659726

Open A.A. Meeting

Thursdays 8pm EST
Format: 3 speaker meeting 
Meeting ID: 7674659726

Open A.A. 

Monday - Friday at 12pm EST
Format: speaker/discussion 
Meeting ID: 7674659726

Spiritual Exercises Meeting

Wednesdays  at 7am EST
Format: each week focuses on one of the 5 main aspect of steps 10/11. Speaker and discussion followed by 5min meditation. 
Meeting ID: 7674659726

The Love & Service Group
Monday - Saturday, 7pm PST
Format Varies, but will be discussion meeting 
Mondays 6pm PST
Format: Speaker meeting
Online: http://loveandservicegroup.org/ click "Live Stream Meetings" during the scheduled time. 
By phone: 1-66

In The Rooms
Work It Health
We Connect Recovery
Mara International
Recovery Dharma

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