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We know it's a difficult time right now, but we are still here to help with daily remote meetings. Check out our remote meeting information to find the new ZOOM link for our meeting!

The 5 PM Meeting is a daily 12-Step Recovery Meeting meeting based on the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step Recovery Program. The meeting is provided for guests at the Canyon Ranch® Wellness Resorts in Tucson, Arizona and Lenox, Massachusetts.


We are a non-clinical, recovery based community that welcomes any and all 12-Step fellowships, embraces individuals in recovery from all addictions and addictive processes, supports individuals with family or friends in recovery, and provides resources to those who are simply curious about the program.

If you are not a Canyon Ranch guest, please click here for information about recovery in your home community.

components of the program
our meeting

A volunteer led nightly 12-step meeting for all fellowships of recovery at 5 PM at both  Tucson and Lenox Canyon Ranch locations. Read more.

our speakers

Join us for monthly programming at both properties featuring nationally renowned speakers and professionals who are themselves in recovery and discussing topics ranging from food addiction to opioids. Meet them face-to-face and hear them share their stories! Check out the line-up in both Tucson and Lenox

our events

Uncovering Recovery is a four day immersive recovery event with daily meetings, reflections, workshops and panels. Canyon Ranch health and nutrition experts come together with nationally recognized 12-step experts to combine knowledge and celebrate renewal. Click here for more info. 

our blog

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"The key to freedom is in the steps..."

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Belfontaine Mansion at Canyon Ranch Lenox
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